Aug 28
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Igniting Writing ‘Explore’ Contest 2019, Submission by Vinuja from Igniting Writing

We’re now up to eight entries for our ‘Explore’ themed teen creative writing contest, led in tandem with Young Writers Project, Lake Erie Ink and Fighting Words. This entry was submitted by Vinuja, one of our Igniting Writing session regulars, and is titled ‘The Duo’. It’s the first contest entry we’ve received that’s written in the style of a screenplay and has some fairy tale and horror influences, so have a read for yourself below: 

A boy and girl by the names of Dan and Ella were flying to their home in Albania, near the woods. But disaster strikes! The plane smashes to pieces, meaning they are stranded in a wild habitat. They get lost in the woods and they try to find a way out, with their wits and skills, alive.

Dan: Ella!

Dan takes a sharp intake of breath.

I don’t think this is a good idea.

Ella: Dan, I know what I’m doing! Just get some wood for the fire.

Dan: Okay.

Dan runs off to get wood in one direction and Ella sets off in another to get food.

Ella: I honestly think that Dan was careless with making the shelter.

Dan (from off in the distance): I can hear you!

Ella arrives at the same time as Dan but discovers something juicy-looking hanging in the bushes behind his shoulder.

Ella: What’s that behind you on the bushes?

Dan looks over his shoulder.

Dan (excited): Pineapples!

Ella looks ahead. Suddenly, a monster appears.

Ella: Oh no! A monster!

Dan and Ella run through the trees, not knowing where they are going. Minutes later, they stop.

Dan (weary): I’m exhausted.

Ella: Me too.

Ella has a thought.

Ella (anxious): Dan, did you bring the pineapples?

Dan: Yep. But I only brought one.

Ella: We’ll cut it in half and save the rest.

Dan: Uh oh!

(concerned): What?

Dan: It’s caught up with us! Run for it, Ella!

They run, trees flying past them as they try to get away from the monster. Suddenly, a cave looms out of nowhere.

Ella: What were we running from?

Dan: It’s… a long story.

Ella: Try me.

Dan: Well… I was searching for pineapples but I think that horrible, sneaky monster caught the scent.

Ella: Dan…

Dan: Hang on! Let’s explore this mysterious cave! It could provide us some shelter.

Ella (happy): Look! Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries! We could eat those for our food.

(glad): Wood! We can use it for fire.

A light shines through a curtain of trees.

Ella: Never mind that! I think I’ve found a way out of this forest. The ticket out of this chaotic mess.

Dan: Let’s go!

They run out of the wild wonders of the woods… and into a place of freedom and comfort.
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