Aug 30
fiction 0 comments challenge: Risk

Risky Business

Vianne sat at her desk, nervously reading the letter in front of her.

Dear Vianne Greggs,

You have been chosen as one of our team's newest photographers for this year! You start next week on January the fifth. 

Best regards,

the photography team at Youth Magazine

She simply couldn't believe the words printed on the paper. Of course, this is what she'd dreamed of; but she never thought that she'd make it this far. Sure, putting her application and resume in this fall was easy enough, but she thought she'd never have a chance against those who definitely surpass her in photography. This, in no uncertain terms, was unbelievable.

It was quite risky putting that application in; after all, only twenty-two years old, right out of college, and barely any experience (except the assisstant to a photographer back home), she put it in just for fun, really. Yeah, she did have a little spark of hope then; but never did she think that she would have been hired. But she took the risk, and now was reaping the benefits. Yes, life was quite good.

She picked up the small letter and brushed off the initial shock. Grinning from ear to ear, she dashed down the apartment hallway and picked up her phone, overjoyed to tell her friends and family the terrific news she'd just received.
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"True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less" -C.S Lewis