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Igniting Writing ‘Explore’ Contest 2019, Submission by ‘Lady Midnight’ from Young Writers Project

Entry number 11 for our ‘Explore’ themed teen creative writing contest, led in tandem by Igniting Writing, Fighting Words, Young Writers Project and Lake Erie Ink, was submitted by user user of the Young Writers Project website who goes by the name ‘Lady Midnight’. The submission is a melancholy poem titled ‘Introspective’, which has some soulful language, so have a read below: 

Alone but not lonely
The world’s mine for the taking
I wonder how
To pretend I’m not breaking
I used to dream in colors
But they’ve faded away
I stand at imagination’s gates
The only color in my grey
My movie is ending
The stars share one last kiss
Popcorn thrown on the floor
Each kernel, a wish.
In my head I’m falling
I speak in rose petals
My smile’s full of sunshine
But encased in cold metal.
The future, the past
It’s all a big blur
I want things as they will be
Not as they were.
In silence, I’m scared
But words make me stronger
If letters were currency
Then I would finally prosper
But the spotlight is on me
My eyes are beaming with pride
I’m starting to look for myself
Exploring the me that’s inside
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