Sep 06
poem 0 comments challenge: Risk

The Beginning

Jump in. 
I look at the churning water beneath me, the waves cresting just inches below my toes. 
Jump in.
My mind yells, but my body ignores. Fear runs rampant in my veins, rooting me to the spot. To the rock. To safety. 
But this isn’t safety. 
Speckles of water spray me in the face. My limbs are shaking, from the cold, from the adrenaline. 
I clench my fists and dig my fingernails into my skin. The pain is my anchor, bringing me back to reality.
Jump in.
Taking a deep breath, I fill my lungs with the salty air, hold it, and with the oxygen still trapped inside, I jump
Suspended in the air, in time, in nothing at all except a state of weightlessness and exhilaration. It’s almost like I’m flying. 
I wish I was. 
But then gravity pulls me down, pulls my dream from my head and throws it into the air far above me, letting me watch as I hit the waves and sink.
Each millimeter of water brings me closer to the darkness waiting quietly, gently at the bottom. Again, I am suspended, but instead of nothingness between my fingers, it is the blood of the Earth. The shock of cold ebbs away quickly, and I open my eyes, salt water stinging and blue all around. 
I focus, looking, searching, feeling for---
The water is pulling ever so slightly to the right, and that is my path. Kicking my legs and arms, I fly in a different kind of way through the murkiness, swimming until the pressure around me lightens, as the water brightens, and I ascend. 
Breaking the surface, my lungs gasp for air, the sound echoing off the smooth cave around me. 
The bright blue of the water reflects onto the ceiling, illuminating the cavern to the farthest point. Soaked to the bone, I lift myself out of the water and onto the small overhanging rock.
And on the other side of the cave, I find what I’m looking for. 
A trunk of shining jewels and glittering gold coins, and the greatest treasure of them all;
The Guide to Mythical Creatures.
My quest has only just begun.