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Taking risks is an important part of learning to do something you never knew you could do. Taking risks is especially important in sports like mountain biking or snowboarding. In biking, you have to take risks to feel more confident in going faster and stopping less at rough terrain. In snowboarding, doing jumps and going faster are ways to take risks and getting better at it. In snowboarding you can take different risks every time you go because there are different conditions every time. It is always different, whether it is icy or powdery. In mountain biking you can take risks, but you have to pay attention to what the trail conditions are like because a risk you take on one trail could be just flat out dangerous on another. In snowboarding, it is important to always pay attention to detail, because you could be going in for a jump and think going to be powdery when its actually icy can be the difference of getting hurt rather than just taking a risk. Really, a risk is something you don’t know how will turn out, but might pay off, so you do it. 

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