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     As an eighth grader, a wonderful woman reached out to me, and said she did not have enough students for her upcoming humanitarian trip. I was ecstatic that she would reach out to me, and of course, I was ALL on board. When I was ten years old, my older sisters and dad went to Haiti on a similar trip. I wanted to do exactly what they did, as soon as I could. Immediately after I got the yes from my parents, I started fundraising. I knew that the Haiti trip changed my sisters' lives, and I couldn't wait to experience it for myself. 

    For me, taking this trip was a huge risk. I had never been very far away from home, I was going to an underdeveloped country, and I was only 14 years old. Although I was 14, I would say I was very mature for my age, and I definitely was prepared to take on the challenge. As scared as I was, I continued to count down the days. Eventually the day for our travels rolled around. Once we finally arrived, we were greeted by practically all of the small village. I remember incredibly well the first interaction I had with a Dominican. A seven year old boy ran up to me, asked my name, and gave me a huge hug. José's heartwarming first impression told me I was right where I needed to be. After that hug I was not nearly as nervous. 

    Since this first trip, I have been on two more. A total of two to the Dominican Republic and one to Haiti. These trips have absolutely changed my life forever. After my first trip, I knew my life would consist of many more. Thanks to the women who reached out to me for the Dominican trips, and our local church for bringing us to Haiti, I know exactly what I am supposed to do for a career. I know without taking the risk I took when I was 14, that I would not be the person I am now, and be so aware of what I want to do with my life. 
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