Sep 14

I'm Worried.

I'm worried
I had a dream last night that made me question some stuff
my sanity levels on a scale of one to ten lately, 
have been at -27
I'm worried
my dad travels a lot and takes a plane alomost 4 times a week
the weather hasn't been the best.
I'm worried 
I tend to see spots when I get up in the morning 
and if I lay down when I'm reading or watching tv and then get up really quickly 
my vision goes black for about 4-6 seconds 
I'm worried
I trust my friend with my deapest secrets
but can't seem to say a simplle three word sentance to their face
I'm worried
my cat is getting old 
and I really need her to stick with me for a while longer
I'm worried
I'm losing interest in my book-in-progress 
and my writing sucks lately 
I'm worried
my cough hasn't gotten better 
and every time I breathe throgh my mouth
I feel like my throat is being atacked by a thousand tiny arrows
like the ones in A Night At The Muesemum 
the one with Robbin Williams and Ben Stiller
I'm worried 
I still enojoy singing along to children's educational show theme songs
and i'm compleatly obsessed with all things Harry Potter
I'm worried 
my life is more anoying, than anything else 
and I feel depesed all the time
I'm worried
I forgot who I am
or maybe
I just never f*&%ing new.