Sep 17


In every neighborhood, there is a scary house that no one would ever want to step foot in. For me, that house is right across the street. It's always dark except for a single flickering light that comes on whenever the clock strikes on the hour. It is tall and looks like it could be pushed over in the lightest of winds. There is a tall wrought iron gate with two horrendous looking gargoyles sitting on either side of the opening. But that is not the scariest part. If a person or even an animal tries to get in, the wind starts to howl and crows start to flock the dead branches around the house and a single black cat will run in front of the house, pausing only a moment to stare at you with eyes that shine like emeralds. This makes most people run for their life but then just as they cleared the gate and think they are free, an owl hoots and turns its head to look you in the eye. Right in the eye and you can’t seem to look away. After you leave though the wind stops abruptly and the crows disappear in a sudden fog. Then everything is still. But if you look closely at the left window on the top floor, you will see a shadow.