Sep 17

he saw it only in dreams

the steady rythym of blood in my ears keeps me awake
the stars come in one at a time through my window
the black sound sits calmly on the edge of the sill
and blinks at me, mockingly

i close my eyes but I know
its moved to my bed
still calm

a bolero of mass and darkness
it moves without moving
and then I'm there
we're all there
and it's behind us, down the hallway
it's the saddest thing to have ever roamed the earth

in darkness, it casts a shadow
in light, it screams
wails that resonate with mine and its enough to make me feel something again
numbness fades like darkness in the morning
invisible tears tear down my throat, burning
my lips quiver and my jaw vibrates
teeth chattering too loudly

you were born with and without and within death