Sep 18

Sad Girl

she sat in an empty room
knees to her chest 
hair in her face 
nobody knew where she was 
nobody cared
she sat there
the world slowly turning without her
her sadness 
and her pain 
preserving her body
not her mind
her brightly colored dress
was grey
her vibrantly dyed hair 
her sanity
gone completely 
the walls around her felt like they were getting closer and closer
she had lost all sense of time 
and was hardly alive anymore
no sound came from her cracked lips
no fingers moved
or eyelids twitched
her face was placid and calm looking
as she looked up 
her eyes
were black
as a raven's feather
her lips were as deep red as blood 
her heart
was gone 
and in it's place 
an empty hole
she had been broken long enough
so when she lifted her head
and the world came spinning back
she was no longer quite human
she was something stronger
something smarter
something quicker
she figured
if she had no heart to break
she could never be broken
she was wrong.