Sep 19
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Contest # 2 Colors

YWP Essay 

Ambrose Vickery   age 11

ADL School   Essex Junction

YWP Contest #2  colors

What would I rename an array of colors, like those in the photo by Dancer?

    This picture by Dancer reminds me of my trip to Maine and when we went to a lobster hut and ate lobster.  At the lobster hut, there were a bunch of buoys like shown in the picture. They were on the railings of the ocean for decoration, and on the lobster boat, pulling up the lobsters to feed us.

    The colors that I would rename in the picture would be Pumpkin Seed Orange stripes and Sunny D Yellow.  Tall Grass Green and Black Starry Night. Twilight Water Blue. Candy Cane Red and White. Lobster Tan Red.  Grape Popsicle Purple. Spa Towel Blue.


Colors Haiku

Colors of buoys,

Remind me of trips to Maine.
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