Sep 19
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week 4 shoes

Julia Smith, 11 years old

ADL Middle School

Essex Junction

Young Writers Project Week 4 :Shoes

    Whose shoes would I like to be in for a day? Why does my sister come right to my head? I just want to know the truth, does she really get all those good grades? Is she really that popular? I want to know. But what if I was in her place, doing all that homework sitting on my butt hours after hours. What if I was there doing those tests that are worth more than half my grade, and pinching myself in suspense waiting to get the results back. So would I really want to be in my sister's shoes? I’m not sure, at first I would think “Oh this will be so fun” but I didn't realise that it doesn’t matter if she is popular, it just matters that she is working so hard trying to please everyone. So what if she doesn’t come home with an A+ on every exam, you and I should both understand how much pressure is on her, and well I’m a sixth grader, I don’t think I would even last a second in  her shoes. Well then if I don’t want to be in her shoes, whose shoes would I want to be in? My own. I only ever want to be in my shoes. I would see someone and be jealous of them thinking that their life is perfect, while they are probably looking back at me thinking the exact same thing. So everyone should appreciate the life they have and never wish to be in someone else's shoes.

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