Sep 20

Still not me

The red of her lips

And the blue of the sky

The green of the grass

And the brown of her eyes

All blended 

and shifted

Danced in time to a song I have now forgotten

And I watched 

as she played in the long summer ferns of the forest 

I watched as she noticed the difference between a moth and a butterfly 

I watched as she broke her own heart 

My heart 

Trying to make others happy 

That child

Was torn apart 

Ripped to a million pieces 

And put back together 

In a way that's not quite right 

That child was, is, and always will be part of me

But she's not everything 

I'm still learning 


And dancing to songs only I can hear

I'm still not entirely me 

And I won't be, not until the day I die.