Sep 23
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The Forest

After 5 terrible days of walking, we’ve finally made it back. My friends and I thought it would be fun to go on a week long camping and hiking trip, we didn’t know those things lived on the mountains, we heard stories about them as kids, but we always thought they were just stories to keep us from going to far away from the house. Now we know better than to play off anything as folklore. Now we’re all skeptical of what’s real and what’s not, since the stories our parents told us we’re real, how do we know that all the things we’re told about aren't real? What if Krampus is real, what if every “fictional” character is real. On our first day we heard them but thought nothing of it, just a couple of wolves howling at the moon. On the second day, we saw one, but we we’re all tired so we all thought it was our imagination. And the third day, one was trying to steal our food, so we tried to poke it with a stick and yelled at it, that didn’t work, that just got it more angry. We spent our fourth and fifth days running away from them, we couldn’t get a good look at them, all we saw were huge claws with sharp nails. Brett and Scott, my two brothers, got caught by them and I haven’t seen them since, Brenda, my sister, and I made it out, but now everytime we hear a noise or rustling leaves, we stay still and quiet those things didn’t notice us when we we’re standing still, so that’s what we do, stay still. 
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