Sep 23
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Can you hear a gunshot?

How can I live with the waiting
when all I want to do is scream?

How can I look at you
wondering if you still love me
and if you're going to leave?

My tongue is bleeding
because I'm biting it
to keep myself from
begging you to stay or
begging you to leave.

It's agony.

Love is a lie
and I say I'm fine
and it hurts so much every time.

It's eating me alive.

I have so many questions
How can I look you in eye?
Why can't you take it all back?
Did I do something wrong?

You say you still love me
but now I wonder if love is just a
word to you.

I don't know that I can wait for you to decide
so one last question

when will you pull the trigger on my heart?