Sep 24
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gold tree

It has been three days since we’ve entered this forest. My friends, Tim, Tom, and I came here looking for something to make us rich. The only thing in this forest are trees. 

“How long has it been?” Tom asked.

“It has been three days,” I tell him, “and it will be three more keep stopping for Timmy.” Now Timmy is not a bad guy he just a little round and a little out of shape. 

“Guys wait up you know I’m not that fast.” Tim yell from way back. 

“I’m gonna go scout ahead,” I tell Tom “wait here for little Timmy back there.” Then I leave to go look for a way out. In five minutes I find the way out. So I go back to tell them and then we all leave. It turns out that the inside of the tree is gold. So we big dumb now.
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