Sep 24
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Single Step

Something big I would like to do is go to a good college. I realize that this isn’t that big or a goal but for me right now it is. I know that later in life I'll have bigger goal.However, for now all I can do is go to high school, get as good of grades as I can and sign up for scholarships. At this point in most highschoolers life they know where they want to go to college,whether it be far away or close to home. For me i’m not really sure, there are some schools I've looked at but mostly as a joke or out of boredom. Although I feel that once I get to college I will have bigger goals and bigger ideas. 

Right now i’m thinking about law school. I don't know what school or what state but I want to help people. I don't want to be just a normal police officer I want be something bigger than that. I want to be one of the people who could potentially stop mass murders and large scale problems. To get to this place I feel as though I need to take as many classes or courses about these kind of things. I personally think the first step to that is college.