Sep 24

Keep coming

keep beating down on me
I'll bite back a retort 
until my blood runs red
keep calling me stupid
I'll hide my tears
until there's an ocean 
keep looking at me like that
I'll say sorry
until my lies fall on deaf ears
I'll keep telling myself,
that I can get up next time
I wont whisper an apology 
I'll let all of my feelings free
But I never do
so tell me 
Why is it that we used to be so happy,
if all I can find now are memories?
Why is it that we could once have a conversation
if all we talk about now are other people?
why is it that only boys would upset me
but now its the friend that I loved?
Because next time 
I will have answers 
for her painful questions
next time
She will regret luaghing at my mistakes
next time
It wont be me thats sorry.