Sep 24

Things that I'm thinking about right now that are making me happy

Sunlight trying to reach it's rays into the dark forest, 
Making the leaves look like stained glass.
Hands wraping around eachother is a protective way.
If hands could talk, they would say,
I've got you,
I'm keeping you safe right now.

Ocean waves crashing over you,
Knocking off all the terible things that happen,
And washing them away.
The sound of a cat purr,
Resonating in my chest,
Vibrating through my body and making me feel calm.
I don't think I need to explain this one, but I will anyway.
Liquid silk in your mouth,
Warming you from head to toe.
Laughing and calling eachother names that we all know are funny and probably true.
Hugging eachother, and laughing and crying together.