Sep 25
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BANG BANG BANG! I hear gunshots whistle past me. Five black and orange Jeeps are chasing me. They are filled with men and dogs that are blood thirsty. They are after me because I made a mistake last night. I went out to the bar and had a had a beer. But that was only the beginning of the night. I would order a drink after drink until  couldn’t remember the reason I came here in the first place. Alcohol is like a poison to me. It changes me and twists my emotions, I do things I will later regret. But this night my alcohol driven twin went on a rampage of yelling and messing with the wrong people. These men were the wrong people. I am on foot; pumping my arms back and forth with every stride. I can feel sweat beading on my face, creating a mustache that drips into my mouth. With every exhausted inhale I taste the salty, sour, repugnant “sweat stache”. The Jeeps are gaining on me. I only have 10ish more feet until I reach a dark thick forest. Much more protected than the open field I’m sprinting through at the moment. 8ft, 7ft, 6.ft….. VROOM VROOM! They are closing in. I can now hear the dogs barking over roaring engines. 3ft, 2,ft….. Only one more stride and I’m closer to safety. The Jeeps brake and turn to form a semicircle around the mouth of the woods. It reminds me of a movie I saw last week with my parents. I couldn’t finish it though because it was a school night. The men hop out following their dogs that heel at their side awaiting command. Upon request of the men the dogs quickly are chasing me. But I have outsmarted them. I have hidden under leaves and dead wood behind a tree. But the dog can smell the repugnant scent of my sweat. They all sit a few feet away from me and begin to growl. Drool waterfalling out of their mouths and pooling on the Earth below. The men jog over with their guns at the ready. I give up and close my eyes. I have given up. The bullets penetrate my flesh digging their resting spot in my cartilage and bones. My vision blurs and it begins to be hard to breath. I’m choking on my own blood that puddles in my mouth escaping it’s way to freedom. And then I’m gone. My life ended in only 419 words.
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