Sep 26
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The Hopeless Light

    As I start taking my finals steps towards the end of the deep, dark forest, I run. I sprint out as far as I can, but I’m mistaken. The light I started to pursue was nothing but hopelessness, an attempt of freedom, to only be striped from my life once more. As I reached the brink of what I presume to be the end of the forest, I noticed even more trees ahead, I see more darkness, more fear, and the happiness that I once had filling my lungs, slowly started to exhale. There was no longer any hope for me, I was stuck, abandoned. I started to scream, there was nothing else I could do at this point, I was utterly, hopelessly alone. As I screamed, the wind blew the tall green trees side to side with a gentle blow, the birds scattered at my frightening cries, and darkness started to creep through the clouds. My life sentenced placed by my own stupidity, continued on. With no one to call for help, or nobody to hear my cries, I decided to go back to the cabin I had built for myself. Hoping I would wake up, and find a new way out.

    The moment I had awaken, I went instantly went back to the opening from the forest. I never recalled seeing the bright opening, and I most certainly never made a trip as far as three miles away from my cabin, due to the constant predators lurking in the thick, dark brush that scattered throughout the wilderness that lay before me. However, recently I have become tired of my own rules. I hated myself for trying to take on this task, I wished I had never heard of Chris Mcandless and his death trip to Alaska. I wanted to be like him so badly, but I realized I wasn’t nearly as determined as he had been. I thought that maybe one day I would be able to grow up and be like him. But for now, I was stuck with my own troubles. I had to find a way to get out of this nightmare. I gathered food from my supplies, a knife, and the rifle I stole from my dad before starting my fateful future. As I was gathering my materials, I realized how badly I wanted to leave the forest. I wanted my life back. I left my cabin in a sprint, not caring of what could happen. I reach the opening, out of breath, tired, and scared.

    There isn’t much here, just less forest and more light green grass. I look to the right and left, as if I’m about to cross the street, however I go right. The sun is burning my back, too bad there isn’t at least some wind to cool me down. I continue to walk for a few miles, it’s almost like I’m witnessing the same things over and over again. I’m waiting for something to happen, but nothing does. I decide to turn around and go back to where I first noticed the whole in the forest. I go left this time, instead of right. I see the same sorts of things, but I have a weird feeling in my stomach. It’s not a bad feeling, it’s like butterflies in my stomach, I’m anxious. Before walking any further, I decide to eat some of the food I packed for myself. Blueberries and nuts. I eat my food, and then get up to start my adventure again. However, this time I started to notice something down the hill I travel. I start to think it’s just an animal, but it took the form of a car. I walk down and it looks old. Everything is rusted, and there aren’t any seats left inside of it. I find myself standing right next to the driver's side door, confused. There aren't any keys, and I begin to feel the sense of hopelessness again. Questions swarm my head, why is this here? Who does this belong to? Disappointed, I walk back to my cabin, with nothing left to hope for.

    When I get home, there’s nothing to do but sit in my own despair. I go into my cabin and start to put my supplies away, I go and sit on the bed I made for myself. I lay down and start to drift off.  However, I wake up in an entirely different world. My parents are here, my alarm is beeping and shows no signs of stopping. I’m very confused, but I realize that everything was a dream. There’s a book sitting on my chest, the title reads “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer. The book is about Chris Mcandless, a very intelligent, young man that had just graduated from college, who set out on his life ending adventure. He left everything and everyone behind, made new friends along the way, but died as an outcome. Chris changed his name to Alex Supertramp. I set the book down, and go get ready for school. That was the best dream I have ever had.

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