Sep 26
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I had said my goodbyes and set out on my best adventure. I was pretty tired after last nights fare well party that my friends had put together but a coffee fixed that right away. I had been planning this trip for over three years and I was finally doing it. I turned on the highway and drove for 17 hours straight. After such a long time I had made it to the trailhead. I parked my car in the covered parking area where it would remain until I got back In a couple of months, half a year , only time will tell. I got out of my car, got my bag and double checked my materials. I walked up to the trail head and stood there for a moment just thinking, I am about to hike 5,828.2 miles in total from Bonita Springs, Florida to Punta Mosquito in Quintana Roo, Mexico and back . Am I ready? I hope so. The trail is called the Gulf Trail. It usually takes around 86 days for a normal hiker to complete, But in my opinion I am not a normal hiker, I take in everything around me and take my time. Besides I am in no rush. 

So I finally set out on my greatest adventure with no looking back. Beginning this long trek I hope to learn some more things about myself whilst among nature, the trees my therapists. The ground, the level in one's self that one is afraid to dig beneath and the creatures, the ones who will listen. I hope to meet some good people who are also learning more about themselves and hope to help guide them. I hope to not have many questions left once I get back but like I said I am in no rush. I no longer hope to be ready because I am ready.
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