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Week 3 clearing

Thalia Kolovos age 11

September 23, 2019

Albert D. Lawton 

YWP Contests Week 3


                              Into the Clearing, Almost Out of the Woods

    “I… think… I’m… safe now.” I say, but I only half believe it. I can hear them, the wolves still howling I knew they’d be here soon. Well I suppose I should tell you why instead of going to school yesterday I got chased into the woods by a pack of rabid squirrels. Then when I finally lost them realized I was just as, if not more lost. Day turned to night as I searched for a way out, while I was groping in the dark I heard the wolves then, I RAN. I ran all last night and all of today until now.

So if you are still wondering how I came to be chased by the rabid squirrels. Well this horrid little girl ( who I was babysitting ) was climbing this huge tree outside her house. When I got her to come down, I saw she had something in her hand. I told her to open it, and there in her hand was a little baby squirrel. I took it, and the other squirrels attacked.
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