Sep 27
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The Secret Base in a Clearing

I am walking through this forest that seems to have no end. Right as I’m about to give up hope and stay there for the rest of my life, I stumble upon some light between a couple of trees. I push through the branches and see a clearing in the shape of a perfect circle. I walk to the center and find that there is a metal circle in the ground. It has a handle on the top. I become very curious and grab the handle. I lift with all my strength and it opens. I look over the hole and see nothing but the top of a metal ladder and pitch blackness. I am scared but also intrigued. Luckily, I have a flashlight that I put in my bag for my “short” hike in the woods. I turn it on and start to climb down the ladder. I take one step at a time down the ladder and after about 3 minutes my feet touch the hard ground. I look around with the light of the flashlight and see that I am in a good sized room with boxes laid out along the walls and floor. I step closer to one of them and I see paper on them with writing in a language I don’t recognize. I start to move the boxes from the wall to see if there was anything else under them, and to my surprise, a door starts to appear on the wall. I continue moving the boxes until it is completely uncovered. I notice that the lock that used to be there is busted. I open the door and there is a long hallway that I can’t see the end of. I shine the flashlight to the edges and there are big windows on either side. At the end of the windows, there are doors. I walk up to one of them and turn the handle. It creaked open. I gasp. Inside the room is a control panel of some sort and something terrifying. A dead body sits slumped over in a chair. There is a monitor on the other side of the room and I am very curious as to what it holds. I just don’t like the idea of going so close to the body. My curiosity gets the best of me and I cross the room to the monitor. There is a keyboard under the monitor. I press the enter key and it turns on. I see myself climbing down the ladder. I press enter again and something else comes up. Instead of me climbing down the ladder, it's people with guns strapped to their back and body armor. I assume it's the military. Once a couple of them get down, there are gunshots. Then more gunshots. Then more gunshots. It’s too much to bear anymore, so I turned it off. I take a moment to think about everything that has just happened. I remember the strange writing and recall one word of it that I learned in a history class about the uprising of communism in Russia. The writing was in Russian. This must have been a secret Russian base for spying. I quickly run to the ladder and start climbing.               

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