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Neuroscientist Schedule

Neuroscientist Schedule
By: Sophie Martel
    When I was younger I believed I could become a neurosurgeon, I thought, that sounds cool, that’s my goal in life.

Years later, I found out that to become a neurosurgeon I would have to cut into people's brains and do surgery and I knew that wouldn’t go over well with my gut, so I decided to keep the neuro and change to something a little more suitable for me.

When I came upon neuroscientists and their study of the brain without slicing and dicing.
    When I found this, I began to picture myself doing this, then I thought of dogs, what if I could study their brains?
    Then a few days later, during my social studies class the weirdest coincidences happened, we were watching CNN10 and one of the parts was about a neuroscientist working on dogs brains and training them to go into an MRI scanner.
    That’s when it hit me, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life!
    (That’s at least what I think for now.)

    To start off I have to get great grades, to achieve this I need to learn, I need to practice, I need to… you know what, becoming a neuroscientist sounds sooo hard, but I’ll keep working, I’ll make it; right?
    So I have to graduate with what I might like to call, flying colors, in highschool and middle school, then I have to go on to going to a really good school, somewhere like Bouden, and get really good grades and then I need to try to make it back into Bouden and get my bachelors degree, then I need to try to get back into Bouden and get my masters degree, and get amazing grades through it all and become and honors college student.
    Then I will finally be able to get a small job requiring the kind of smarts I have, then I grow and get better, then I get better and better jobs until... I’m... famous...!
    But the hard thing is, will I be able to do this, will I want to do this all my life, I honestly have no clue, but for now, this is what I want...I think?! The hard part will be being able to accomplish all of this.
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