Sep 27
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The Wrong Decision

I looked around me as I stepped out of the forest. I sighed as I continued walking to the center of the field that surrounded me. When I got to the middle of it I sat down. It appeared to but then I heard a noise coming from behind me. It was getting too dark to see anything so I stood up and said,

    “Who’s there?”

    No one answered me. 

    I stood up and walked to the edge of the woods and walked out to the other side. No one was there. 

    Oh well, I thought to myself. I walked to the other side hoping to walk through and find something to look forward to. I was trying to get as far away from the past as possible. There was only one thing I could think of and that was to leave it. Run far away from town so that no one could ever find me or find out that I had done that night with my friends. Everyone one in town already thought I was a suspect but how could I tell them what really happened? Would they believe me? The truth seemed so unrealistic it was impossible to believe it myself. I shrugged my shoulders and continued walking through the dark end of the forest. I looked back at the sunlight at the other side fading as I walked further and further into the woods. I was thinking it was time to set up camp for the night when I heard something behind me snap. I whirled around frightened. No one was there. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down. I am just imagining all of the I told myself. I turned back around and started to roll out my blanket when I heard the snapping again. I looked up and then all of the sudden something hit me in the head! I fell on my face and looked up when the dizziness stopped. 

    “I told you didn’t I? You chose the wrong person.” A deep voice growled from behind me. 

    And then everything turned black. 
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