Sep 27
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The lurker

Finally I made it out of the forest. After 3 hours of running from that thing, I made it. It’s only a little bit farther to safety. As I’m standing at the exit of the forest trying to catch my breath...I hear it, the low roar of a predator that’s on the prowl, searching for its next meal. The sound makes me shiver out of disgust, and I take off running towards civilization, but I’m so out of breath that I just need a second to stop and catch my breath. I’m only halfway there, but I can see the lights of the city. As I’m standing here trying to regulate my breathing I hear the low growl slice through the thick silence of the muggy night. I have to keep going or I’m not going to make it, so I start sprinting and hope I can keep it up long enough to get to safety. I can’t stop thinking of what I just saw, it’s playing on a loop through my mind. That smug look that it gave me after I saw it sink it’s large jaws into her, after I saw the life drain out of her eyes. I’m so close that I can see my house. I’m starting to slow down, and then all of the sudden tears just start pouring out of me. That thing, it just killed my best friend. I collapse, I can’t do this anymore, it’s too painful to keep going. I hear the low grumble and all of the sudden I’m paralyzed with fear. I hear it lurking, panting, getting ready to make a nice snack out of me. As I watch it lurk up to me and get ready to pounce I pray that I’m going to be okay. All of the sudden I hear a loud noise. I can’t quite make out what it is until it gets louder. Then all of the sudden I snap awake, the sweet sound of my alarm clock.