Sep 27
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What I would like to accomplish is being more extroverted. I have always been shy and quiet around people who I don’t know very well or who I don’t know at all. I try my best not to be so soft-spoken, but it never works out that way. I always end up being introverted. I hate talking to large groups of people, talking to people I don’t know, or talking to people who I’m not usually around. I especially don’t like giving oral presentations, it makes me really nervous.

The first step I should take to become more extroverted is to start talking in smaller groups and make my way up to talking to larger groups as I feel more comfortable.I can try to observe others who are extroverted and see if I can pick up the things that they do. I should also be more of an active listener and pay more attention to conversations. I could also start to try and make conversations with people who I don’t know and see if that helps at all. The one big thing I should try to do is find a social activity that I enjoy so I can get out of my comfort zone with people who enjoy the same things as me.

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