Aug 12

Impact of Getting Published

"Young Writers Project has given me an outlet to post my writing, to give feedback to other writers and to receive feedback on mine.
Without YWP, I do not believe I would be the writer or the person I am today."
-- Noa Urbaitel, Charlotte, VT


"... When I first joined Young Writers Project, I was shy and not confident at all with sharing my writing. I very rarely let anyone read what I created.
Through events and opportunities such as the anthology and Millennial Writers on Stage, YWP has taught me how to have confidence in myself and in my work."
-- Avery McLean, St. George, VT


"Before YWP, my writing was a private thing, notebooks stashed under the library book bag, Word documents tucked away in remote folders on my parents' old desktop, and so forth. I didn't have any writing friends, and it only took a few minutes of poking around YWP to find out how much I was missing out on – within a month, I had set up contact with people who would later become the three best friends I've ever had.
My writing has improved by leaps and bounds through the mentoring of the senior members, as well as the enthusiasm of everyone who has ever commented on something I've written.
I remember my first post …"
--Zoe Riell, Poultney, VT