Oct 03
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The fire

There is this house out in the woods by the side of a river, it’s small and burnt. There is dirty, old, used-to-be light blue paint coming off the walls in clumps. There are thousands of stories about the house. Some about ghosts. Others about creatures living in the basement. A couple are about what happened to the people who lived there, but the most realistic one is about what went down the night it burned. 

There was a young couple who used to live there. They were very odd. They stayed in the house all the time and only came out to get things from town like food. One day, the house caught fire and burned to the ground. And the couple that lived inside? Why, they were never seen after that. 

People have tried to rebuild the house, but every time it somehow catches fire and burns. The last attempt was about twelve years ago. They built it the way it looks now, they even were able to paint it. The day after it was built, a nearby tree got struck by lightning and was set aflame. But the strange thing is the house and the tree were the only things that caught on fire. After that, they gave up on fixing it and left it to be.
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