Oct 03
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Words will chase me down.
No matter where I run to. 
No matter the rays of sunlight that pierce my eyes,
And sparkle on the water.
Trying to be noticed in the early morning.
The turn of an absent smile.
The reflection of a strangers eyes in a mirror,
Staring at me.
Staring at them.
Someone else.
Drifting away under the fantasy of a spotlight,
Losing ground,
With sneakers resting on starlight.
Even then,
Words will chase you down.
Even then,
You never stop running.
Running, into a blinding light, edged with fear,
Edged with hope.
Longing for something to change,
As words pound in my ears.
As feet pound on the pavement.
As lies pound under the surface of your gaze...
I understand.
But words will never leave me,
Scarred and bruised,
Even as I turn,
And walk away.