Oct 04
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Life of of a Shape-shifter

I have been a “shape-shifter” ever since the accident and, unlike most shifters I'm not bored of it. It’s amazing, I get to be whoever I want to be. If I want to get into a VIP club I can change into a well known celebrity or businessman. If I don’t like something I can turn into the person who can change it, It’s hard work but it pays off in the end. One time I got inside area 51 because I shifted into an employee and trust me it is weird in there. I can also create my own people to shift into. You ever heard of Soulja Boy? That was me. And when people say he “fell off” they are only semi correct. Him “falling off was just me getting bored so I turned into someone else and didn’t make any more music leading to the name Soulja Boy falling off in the rap game. I've also shifted into some pretty cool people. I've been the president, Jeff Bezos (the owner of Amazon), a number of well known rappers and Tons of very wealthy people.

    I have two ways that I can shift into people. I can look like someone or I can become/possess other people. All I have to do is think of the person and what they look like. Then I trigger the transformation in my brain. I can’t really explain how I trigger it but I do.

    Most shifters have trouble with forgetting who they used to be before their accidents but personally I'm glad I’ve forgotten who I used to be. Now I can get any girl and anything I want. 

These accidents I have been talking about are the moment in a shifters life when they become a shifter. My accident happened at a factory I was working at and was a textbook super hero accident story. I was on the floor below an experiment with a highly acidic energy source. The experiment went wrong and the substance went through the floor right on top of me. The amount of energy that entered my body Made my atoms and skin cells like a khamelion but times ten. This allowed my body and look to change at will. So my body absorbs the substance and the rest is history. So in conclusion I’m just going to keep being me and other people when I want and make the best of it.

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