Oct 04
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The Shape Shifter

I wake up feeling really weird and out of place on one April morning. I get dressed and go downstairs for breakfast. Bacon and eggs are already on the stove when I get downstairs. I eat and then go into the bathroom to take a shower. I turn the water on and and everything falls apart. I get a very strong feeling that I am just sinking and have no form to move. Suddenly, I am back to normal in the shower again. I quickly turn the water off, get dressed and run back up to my room. I lay down on my bed scared. I stat petting my cat. I start thinking and I discover something in my brain that I have never comprehended before. It's like a computer screen, but in my brain. I take a deeper look and find that there are different objects on this “Screen.” There is bacon, eggs, a cup of water, a cat, a bed and lots more. A realization comes to me that these are all the items that I have touched this morning. I try imagining clicking on the cat, like you would click on an actual computer. Then I start to get the same feeling I got in the shower. Everything starts to shrink and all of a sudden it’s over. I open my eyes and everything feels and looks different. I look down and am more than surprised. I see paws. I look up and see my mirror I have in my room. I look in it and I don’t even know what to think. I am looking at a cat in the mirror, which I am assuming is myself. I try moving and find that it feels much different being a cat. I access the screen in my mind again and pick my picture. I everything rises and I am myself again. It seems that I can only shapeshift into objects that I come into contact with. I made the decision that I will try to help as many people as possible with my new powers.                

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