Oct 04
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“Everyday is a new beginning,” they say.
Well, for me it truly is.
No two days have been alike,
throughout my life. 

Yesterday I was a bird in the Amazon.
Flying high above the beautiful trees.
Last month I was a lion, 
hunting herds of animals.
Today I am a cow,
grazing the fields of Vermont.

I have no control over what creature I will be. 
The universe decides for me. 
There is beauty and evil in this.
Some days I feel like my life is not mine.
Yet some I am ecstatic for a new adventure. 

Some days I wish I could stay the same,
And some I am thankful for the change. 
Having no control over who I want to be, 
is hard…

Yet I love the challenge of adjusting to new environments, 
And gaining a different view of life every single day.
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