Oct 05


ironic bit of fantasy
glassy eyes and shiny noses
nonsense in a world of chaos

doesn't make sense to carve your way through the darkness
when there's a path lit by the lanterns
yet blocked by a crowd

stained glass
pieced together

you don't see it as anything special
and that's okay
reflect on what you see, not what you don't

red eyes and bruised knees
a wailing cry

the stones set in their way
lead to somewhere you dont know
the only clue is the old footsteps worn with time

whose steps are they?

do they matter?

will you follow?

don't need to make a choice yet
but don't let yourself get shoved onto the first step
take your time

or, if you really want
throw yourself into the dark unknown
and carve your own.

you don't need to play it safe
but do not forget
that the number of first steps and the number of seven steps

are not the same.