YWP Newsletter 10/6/19

Hello YWP and welcome to the first of the October newsletters. First of all, congratulations to all of the YWPers who were published in this year's anthology! The celebration this past weekend was incredible and it was inspiring to hear people perform their work. 

Secondly, fall. It always amazes me how extrodinary the fall foliage is and how graceful the change from hot summer to chilly fall comes about. In my house it's a celebrated milestone when we pull out the fall sweaters and socks. 

As usual, the following is an intro to the YWP newsletter. Feel free to skip ahead if you're a regular. 

Welcome to the YWP newsletter, curated and created by a team of Community Leaders, who, along with many others, recommend work for publication, create challenges, give feedback, and do some writing of our own! This newsletter is a highlight of our favorite works from the past two weeks. We aim for variety to reflect and engage that of the many writers, artists, photographers, and musiscians of YWP. We, as the editors, hope to give these creators a wider audience and provide our busy members a taste of recent pieces we loved. Please become a returning reader! Check out the other newsletters here and share the link with people you know who may enjoy it. 

Contributers to this week's newsletter are: LadyMidnight, It's the cat, lemondaydreams, shadowpawhaileychase, Graceful, and Dramatic456

by It's the cat

When I first met you,
You hid behind your dad.
I stood in front of my mom,
And we stared at eachother.
Flash forward a month or so,
And we're in my bedroom,
Playing with my dollhouse and kicking all the dolls out so the animals could live there instead.
For the next three years,
Making up different imaginary games,
All so complex we forgot half of it before we started actually playing.
We would drive your older brother crazy,
And pull pranks on his friends.
Do you remember our prank war?
I do.
We would dress up in dresses that were way to big,
Or take down all the curtains in the house (much to my mom's frustration)
Just so we could play goddes girls and wear chitons.
But we pronounced them shitons. (Mentally laughing at that)
We would make really random videos about nothing in particular.
And find them funny for no good reason.
We would get into huge fights about who got to be Anna and who got to be Elsa, Who got to be the big sister and who got to be the baby.
And it was everything to us.
We saw eachother literally everyday.
I'm not even kidding.
You would help me with my spelling and I would help you with your math.
And we both loved to dance and sing,
But were just as happy to sit on the couch and do nothing.
And our favorite snack was apples and cheese,
And our favorite meal was mac and cheese.
Why am I writing all this?
So I remember.
Because then I moved away.
And we saw eachother less and less.
And we grew up apart.
And now your a sporty girl who desprately tries to be popular,
But at the same time wants to be origanal and doesn't care about boys at all.
Who still tries to dress up your cat.
And I have become a semi gothic, theatre fanatic, who doesn't like to excersize,
Unless it's dancing.
Who is original and popular and has a boyfriend she talks about way to much.
And you don't like dance anymore.
And all we do when we hang out is watch youtube.
And I haven't seem you for months.
But looking through boxes of random stuff in my room recently,
I found all my animals that we used to play with.
A card you sent me when you went away for more than forty eight hours.
The dolls we used to have fashion shows with.
The pictures and videos we took.
And all the dresses that don't fit us anymore.
And now we're both teenagers.
And we met when we were eight.
So we're drifting apart,
And it's really sad.
But I have a new best friend,
And so do you.
And we don't invite eachother to our birthday parties anymore.
So I guess this is goodbye.
A goodbye you'll never see.
Goodbye my best friend for longer than I've ever had one,
My twin who's name also starts with a G,

Photo credit: lemondaydreams
Dark Purple 
by shadowpaw

dark purple is the color of secrets 
and stories whispered by candlelight 
dark purple was the color of our friendship
before I left 
dark purple is the color of forgotten dreams 
and sleepless nights spent tossing around in bed 
dark purple is the color of lost memories 
and dark bruises you cant recall getting 
dark purple is missing what you had
long after you lost it 
dark purple is the color of the world before the sun rises 
still shrouded in mystery and blanketed in stars
dark purple is a heart full of regret 
and a mind full of dreams. 

Photo credit: shadowpaw
September 9, 2019, 2:37PM.
by haileychase

I dangle my feet off the wood dock,
my body warm from the sun.
The sun forms stars on the top of the lake,
flat and untouched by anyone.

The sun feeds the trees,
and invites the birds to sing.
The air is still, perfect, silent,
no phone around to ring.

A dragonfly passes my side,
it says hello and resumes its day.
I smile at its presence,
then watch it fly away.

The sky is bright blue sapphire,
laced with frosted white clouds.
The world is transparent and simple,
unharmed by the crowds.

Photo credit: Graceful

Tiny Write:

Is there a word for the type of love you’re not sure if you ever felt?

(the comments on this one are great)