Oct 07

Anthology 10 makes a great holiday gift!

Anthology 10 for holiday gifts! Send us your order and we'll ship them to you! $10/copy, plus $5 shipping and handling (for any number of books). And we're still buzzing at YWP about the amazing book launch on Oct. 6! What an inspiring day! Congratulations to all the writers, artists, and photographers who are published in this beautiful book! See Lia Chien's photos here. And you can also download Anthology 10 here.
Big shout-outs to:
  • MCs extraordinaire Hazel Civalier (Hazel C.) and Charlotte Hughes (LadyMidnight);
  • ​Poet Reuben Jackson, who traveled from Washington, D.C. to share his new book of poetry, Scattered Clouds;
  • Rowan Potzler, who traveled seven hours from her home in western New York state to attend the celebration! 
  • The 10 incredible readers: Amelia Canney, Milton; Emma Marsh, Piermont, NH; Tess LaLonde, South Burlington; Joy Holzhammer, East Middlebury; Rowan Potzler, Springville, NY; Sam Aikman, Richmond; Gavin Roberge, Colchester; Eleanor Konings, Carlisle, Mass.; Faith Holzhammer, East Middlebury; Adelle Brunstad, Enosburgh Falls;
  • Sophie Dauerman for sharing her Good Thoughts project with us;
  • The YWP board and staff who helped make the event a success: the food, the chairs, the flowers, the support, and all-around good cheer;
  • The parents and friends of YWP who joined us and heard the power of the writers' words;
  • Our major donors, who made it possibe, including: The George W. Mergens Foundation, The Bay and Paul Foundations, Vermont Business Roundtable, Physician's Computer Co., The Amy E. Tarrant Foundation, Smugglers' Notch Resort, the National Life Group Foundation;
  • Sugarsnap for donating delicious cookies and veggie platters; Kestrel and the Karma Bird House for the use of the cafe;
  • Lia Chien for photographing the event (see her photos here!)
If you are published in Anthology 10 and were unable to attend the celebration, and haven't received your free copy yet, please email Susan Reid at  [email protected] with your mailing address and we'll send it to you asap. Also download the book here.