Aug 12

For Teachers

Are you a teacher wondering how Young Writers Project can help you? You've come to the right place.

Young Writers Project is an educational nonprofit, and all of our resources are open for you and your students to use. Sign up for the site and get started!

We offer a variety of services and learning opportunities for teachers and students. We also operate this site specifically for teachers in the digital era. It's also free and open to access. Check out the Tips for some cool ideas.

On this site, there are plenty of active, engaging learning opportunities. We're constantly featuring new writing challenges, but a list of some of our favorites for this year can be found here! You can use these prompts in the classroom, or have students contribute their responses on the site for a chance to be published!

There are also a variety of informal learning experiences, called Labs. Anyone on the site can stop in and complete some skills building exercises to learn and practice particular skills. These labs could be a great practice resource in the classroom, extra credit activities, or just a bit of extra help for someone interested in a specific skill. Some labs build on each other to eventually impart a complicated set of skills. How you use them is ultimately up to you!