Oct 07

I've been happy a lot, here's why

Involuntary shudders,
Are good and bad. Happy but often sad. 
The feeling I associate with ghosts.
And the feeling I associate with the thril of life.
A good reason to like my nose,
Because you like my nose.
And our noses touch.
The need to do a cartwheel even though you know you can't,
I can not do a cartwheel to save my life.
But then there's those moments where I just get a thrill and want to do a cartwheel.
When your enemy helps you up when you fall,
And there's this moment of safety,
Even when you know that in any other situation it's her who pushes you down.
When it's the middle of the night and you really want to sing but your parents are sleeping,
It happens all the time,
And so you let your heart sing.
And you feel like your actual heartstrings are dancing.
Being in a highschool drama club even though your in 8th grade still,
But your mentally there,
And it feels so good to be with people who are emotionally the same age as you.
And you can joke and swear and nobody takes anything personally.
And you can laugh at things your other friends don't understand.
Never ending inspiration
I'm happy, a lot of the time, 
So I have more to write about.
And all the wonderful and aweful people in my life are so inspiring.