Oct 07

The Handmaid's Child: Under His Eye

The Handmaid's Child: Under His Eye

Under His Eye, I was carried
By command, to bring joy to serenity
neither Unbaby nor Shredder 
a Keeper, was I-

We are simple 
There isn’t much, it is nice.
We are safe. It is a fact. 
 If we follow what’s right 

Suburban living, shops, food
big houses, cleaned by other’s hands
it’s almost perfect, like a glass cup
with a small chip, or so I heard

the smallest chip, in a cup of glass
could draw a drop of *Censored* as red as a handmaid’s robe
a colour I despise
they are always the first to go 
we don't have breakables anymore
too many people *Censored* themselves
Cowards, weak, worthless they are named
but that is not I, as the rules I follow

Father used to *Censored* the *Censored*
to Mother, the Marthas and I 
 despite the *Censored* Martha’s fail to understand 
pictures and color is all they know 

a Handmaid once brought to hang
she spoke that she was *Censored* ,liar
by a commander no less, she is *Censored* 
A duty, A Privilege, it is right not *Censored* 

Another baby born by a doctor 
now *Censored* Under His Eye
Another tried to run, to a place unknown
now *Censored* Under His Eye

*Censored*  fought the Guardian
Started a *Censored* in the streets
she did not *Censored* and *Censored*  the ways 
She is now *Censored*  Under His Eye

*Censored* until the  *Censored*
 shall be*Censored* evermore
Under His Eye