Oct 08
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The forest

Run. This is the only word that has been going through my mind for the last hour or so. It feels hard to even keep track of the time in my tired, broken down body as I sprint through the desolate forest I thought I knew so well. 

    2 hours earlier. I thought I would go on a walk through the forest, just to get some fresh air in my body. As I had been cooped up in my house the entire day, I figured I would just stick to the trail that I had walked many times before. And so I headed out. It was a pretty standard walk until I noticed a new trail, one that I could have sworn hadn't been there just the week before. I decided to go down it to see where it led. I walked down it for a while, not really paying much attention to where my feet were taking me. After walking for a while, I started to hear something kind of like another set of feet walking next to me. 

“Hello?” I yelled out into the woods while looking around frantically. No one answered my call so I figured it must have just been the wind. 

I kept walking for a while, only slightly unnerved by the noise I had heard. And then I heard it again but louder and closer. I could see branches moving near me as if someone or something was walking there. Now I was panicking. I looked down and found I was no longer walking on any trail. I exclaimed out of surprise and fear and to my absolute horror whatever the thing in the woods was made a sound back, like a sick kind of howl mixed with laughter.

I turned and sprinted back in the direction I had come from. And I could hear footsteps quickening behind me. I didn't dare look back for fear of what I would see. As I ran I searched the ground with my eyes for the hope of finding some kind of trail I could follow. But no such luck befell me, I could find no evidence of any kind that these woods were populated by humankind. So I just kept running as fast as I could away from the footsteps behind me. 

My body screamed for me to stop after about twenty minutes running at top speed. I was not particularly accustomed to running so fast for this long, but I knew stopping was not an option, the unwavering feet thumping behind me were proof of that. So I kept running and running, my clothes and skin snagged on thorns, tearing at them. The occasionally stray branch would strike me, bruising my face and limbs. But I kept pushing myself. I could feel that if that thing got me it would be the end of me.

And then my tired eyes saw hope, There was an opening in the trees ahead of me, a way out of this nightmare of a forest. I picked up my speed, dashing with all my might towards the opening with all my strength. And then it happened. I tripped on a stone, my toes breaking against the rock, with the momentum I had I went speeding towards the ground, my face smashed against the ground. As I registered what happened I was sure my nose was broken, and I felt the blood from it dripping down my face. I hurried to get up despite my pain and in my haste my head hit against a branch, sending me back to the ground. As I tried to get up, I discovered that I lacked the strength to do so. I crawled my way forward, my broken toes dragging against the ground, It was agonizing but I could see the light, it represented all of my hope. I was so close to getting out of this forest. As I continued forward, desperately crawling, I heard the footsteps getting closer and closer. God, I was so tired, black spots started clouding my vision, I could tell I was losing consciousness. I used my last bit of strength to pull myself out of the forest into the light. And then I felt a clawed hand grab my leg, digging deep into my flesh. I tried to scream but I could not, I didn't have the energy left. And darkness once again filled my vision as the thing yanked me back into the forest...

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