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The Thing

Two years after the events of The Forest

I’m walking home from school when I see it. The leaves in the woods rustle with movement. It's early in October so is suppose it could just be someone taking a stroll in the woods, taking in the beautiful early fall leaves. But I doubt it, scarcely anyone has ventured into those woods since a woman went missing in them a couple of years ago. Although a body was ever found, rumor has it that the police found evidence of her being dragged off by some kind of unidentified creature. Besides, the rustling in the woods is far too big to be made any kind of human short of a star basketball player. 

    I dismiss it as probably just the wind and continue on my way home, barely phased by the rustling I have just seen. Then a few weeks later, on Halloween, I see it again. I’d practically forgotten about it but here it is again. This time I’m on my way to go to a Halloween party with my friend Josh. I don’t particularly want to go to this party but Josh says we are too old to be trick or treating now that we’re in sixth grade. The rustling looks closer now. Almost like whatever is causing it is coming closer to the edge of the woods. I shudder but then think that it is probably just some teenager trying to scare kids like me and Josh as we go trick or treating. 

“C’mon, pick up the pace,” Josh says from a few sidewalk squares ahead. “I’m not trying to be late here.”

“Alright, alright I’m coming” I respond slightly unnerved.

    A few minutes later we arrive at the house party. The house is very close to the woods, and right next to it is the house of the woman who disappeared in them. After about an hour of drinking soda and hanging around, some kids have the idea to go explore the house. Everyone seems to be on board with this except me. God, I wish I was trick or treating right now. But all of my friends want to go into the house so I tag along. 

    It's slightly difficult to sneak into the house but with our easy access to the back of the house, we manage to get in. 

“Wow, this is some creepy stuff.” Says a boy to my right

“I know right” replies Josh on my left

The house looks almost peaceful in its sudden abandonment. Left in a serine state of use, but at the same time, a rather thick layer of dust covers everything in the house. A girl a few paces behind me sneezes from all of the dust, she then elects to leave the house for fear of a worse allergic reaction, leaving just me, Josh and a few other boys I’ve never met. The house creaks with unuse, protesting our every step. 

“This is so cool,” says one of the boys

“Yeah,” I respond even though I feel as if something is deeply wrong. 

    And then I see something that makes me second guess my decision to go into the house, on the ground, there is a trail of footprints through the dust. The footprints don't look quite human or quite animal. Almost like a cross between a bear ape and a wolf. There even seems to be some scales in the dust, suggesting whatever left the footsteps has some lizard DNA.

“Hey, guys? I think something else is in here...” I call out gesturing to the footprints 

“Where?” Josh he doesn't appear to see the footprints. 

“Nevermind” I sigh 

 I dismiss it as a part of my active imagination, and we continue through the house.

Our small group heads up the stairs of the house. Upstairs we find the bedroom of the woman who disappeared and even more dust.  The house isn't very big at all and we are about to head out, satisfied with our exploring of the abandoned home when we realize that one of the boys I didn't know isn't with us anymore. We call out his name ( It turns out he was named Ben) but get no responses. 

“Ben, Bennnn” We all scream throughout the house, I’m starting to get scared what with the footprints that only I seemed to be able to see and now with a member of our group missing. And I can tell that the other boy is getting scared as well. Josh seems to be dealing with this all fine. 

“He’s probably just trying to scare us,” Says Josh nonchalantly when a loud creak startles us from above us, no one else seems to hear it but after the creak, I hear a small ribbit. I figure I must just be hearing noises in my head, and dismiss the ribbit as my imagination. 

“I’ll bet that was from the attic,” Says Josh excitedly “c’mon let's go see if ben is up there” 

We search for the attic for a while, and can’t seem to find it when I feel a drop fall on my head. The drop feels slightly too thick to be water but it's to dark to tell what it is for sure.  I look up and see that the drippage is coming from a small outlining in the ceiling.

“Hey, guys I think I found the attic!” I shout out to the others.

“Sick,”  Josh says and rushes to pull down the trapdoor.

Josh pulls the trapdoor down and all hell breaks loose. As Josh pulls the trapdoor down the cold lifeless body of Ben falls on us, one of his feet hits me in the head, knocking me to the floor seeing stars. The body falls right onto Josh he screams in utter terror. The other boy howls and runs into the bedroom. As I get my bearings and stand up I hear an angry hissing from the attic.

“JOSH WATCH OUT!” I yell to Josh as he gets himself together and begins standing up. And then the thing attacks. It jumps from the attic onto Josh, a speeding mass of fur and skin, it smashes into Josh and tears through the floor with him. I hear Josh screams until the thing smashes him onto the basement floor and his screams stop.  

Horrified, I look down at Ben’s body and see that it has been drained of its blood, what kind of sick creature is this thing? Sobbing I pull myself to my feet and start running, how long will I have to escape? Will the thing go after the other boy in the house before me? What of the rest of the kids at the party, now that we have awoken whatever was in that house will it go for them as well? I think it best to make a run for the woods, I can cut through to my house and escape this horror.

I sprint outside and make a dash for the woods, I don't hear any sound of horror or violence behind me so I figure I still have time to escape. I make it to the woods, the same woods I had heard the rustling in earlier in the night, god that seems like a hundred years ago, the same woods that the woman whose house we were in disappeared in. I let tears fall down my face as I sprint through the desolate forest, over my own sobs I can hear the noises of the party behind me, full of unsuspecting kids, unaware of the horrors that befell us in the adjacent house. Will the thing go after them as well, or will it stop after killing Josh and Ben. 

Through my weeping, I hear a sound in the woods. Like something running next to me, probably just some fox or a stray cat.  I sob more and keep pushing through the woods. Suddenly I trip and fall to the ground. Lacking the strength of the stand I just lie there and cry for a while. I hear the sound of running again, this time closer and bigger. I pull myself to my feet only to fall again. Through my tears, I manage to grab a hold of a nearby tree and pull myself up. This time I keep my balance and start running forwards again. 

Now I am certain something is chasing me. And gaining on me fast, I turn to look for whatever is behind me and see nothing. I end up running into a tree I could have sworn wasn't there a moment before. I fall back to the ground and I hear footsteps, this time all around me. I feel warm blood dripping down my face from the spot where I hit the tree. I feel cold hands gripping my arms and legs and start to lose consciousness as claws dig into me. I groan, no longer having the energy to cry as my vision fades to black. 

                          One week later

I awake in a hospital bed, stitches covering my arms and legs, an IV tube pumping blood into my arm. I reach down and press a button to summon a nurse to my room. She tells me that I was found in the woods by my mom 5 days ago and have been unconscious since then. The doctors found that I had lost over 60% of the blood in my body, although there was no wound found on my person that would have caused such drastic blood loss. 

Later I find two small slits in my neck, like some small bite marks. None of the doctors seem too have noticed the slits so I decide they must be nothing serious. 

Soon I am allowed to leave the hospital and head home in my mom's car and I see something in the woods. Some movement, like the ones I had seen before the incident. I start panicking as the movement gets closer to the edge of the woods. And then it steps out of the woods, The Thing, it stairs out right at me with cold red reptilian eyes. A mournful howl shrieks out through the woods and it is answered by many other howls.

“Mom!” I yell “Mooom”

“Jeez what is it” she responds

“What was that” 

“What was what”

“That howl” 

“Honey I think you are imagining things, get some rest” 

The thing glares at me from the woods. Then dozens of other pairs of blood-red eyes come into my vision all around the thing and somehow, this time I don't think its all my imagination.
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