Oct 08
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Every day I would look at that house, walk by it and think not too much about it. Years go by. Until one day I decide to take a closer look at it. October 30 is today and Halloween is tomorrow, and I thought it might be a good idea to take a closer look. I open up the black chalky gate, it creeks open when I push it. The house, a mustard yellow, old silk curtains that are almost brown in the windows. I decide to go back to my day, go back tomorrow night with my friend Max just in time for Halloween. 

The next day, I lie in my bed thinking about what's going to happen. 

After school, I get right into my costume. So eager to get into the house. I call my friend Max and we start heading that way. The sun is setting as soon as we get to the house. I could see the fear in Max’s eyes when we see the house. I open the gate again creaking as usual. We enter the house. The door with a heavy metal doorknob that screams when you try to open it, my hand feels still when I touch it, icy cold.  then we hear a loud BOOM!

 Max and I turn around and leave and NEVER go back. 

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