Oct 08

What I Learned Today

I learned something knew 
as one will often do 
when attending a class 
meant to enhance 
one's mental development 

but the thing that i learned 
was not one you can teach 
it's something much more 
it's how to make friends 

friends that won't let you down 
who promise to catch you if you fall
and if you do 
that they'll stop an look at you 
with genuine concern in their eyes

I learned how to laugh 
and let go of the past
but still hold on just a bit
keeping the good 
and leaving the bad 

to rot in it's own self hate

I learned how to smile 
without hiding inside
I learned how to see the best in my life

but I also learned something sad
something I already knew
something about me 
not being with you.

today I learned 
how to stay strong
by relying upon
those who care and want to help 

today I learned how 
to say goodbye 
without even saying hello.