Oct 08
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When does it all end?
When does everything stop moving?
I fear the day it all stops. 
I don't want the book to close quite yet.
I simply want the white noise to fade away
and the color to return.
I want the birds to sing again
and the leaves to swirl again.
Where did it all go? 
When did it all leave?
When did the fog appear?
When did the black seep in through the cracks?
When will it all come back?
I miss the way it was. 
I miss the rainy days
when the world didn't seem to grey.
I miss the music 
and flashing pictures.
One day it will return.
I'm sure of it. 
All I have to do it wait. 



After the end of time

The clocks stopped two hours ago. Or so we think. 
There isn’t really anyway to tell, of course. 
They let us go from school early, 
except cars didn’t work, phones didn’t ring,
clouds didn’t move, birds hung suspended in the air, motionless. 
“Yay, no school!” the younger kids yelled obliviously,
though us older students knew something was wrong.