Oct 09
poem 0 comments challenge: Shoes
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My Younger Sister's Shoes

They just don’t understand me. 

Maybe it is true, 

I just want to fit in. 

But it is the real me, 

I swear. 

School is irritating, 

the work is difficult 

and I can’t seem 

to understand. 

I’m not playing dumb, 

I really can’t do it. 

I just want 

to talk to my friends, 

they understand me. 

Unlike my family. 
I don’t eat much 

because I’m not hungry, 

there’s no other motive. 

I just don’t want 

to take the medication, 

it’s not for attention. 

I know they

are supposed to help, 

but I just don’t care. 

I take a while 

to get ready 

because I want to look good, 

and it is not 

to impress someone. 
I’m not really sure

of the point in life.

But I’ll figure it out



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