Oct 10
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In the Holiday Spirit

There is nothing quite like fall and winter,
If I do say so myself.
Fall pretty much starts off with a new school year,
A new year to bounce back and try better.
With that, the temperature drops,
Leaving us sweating because of the heat one week,
And shivering with cold a few weeks later.
The leaves start to change,
Becoming red, orange, and yellow,
And we drive over the Kancamangus highway at peak
To see the magnificence of the White Mountains' beauty.
October leads to November after a night of ghoulish tricks and treats,
And we wake up in the morning, refreshed,
A new day in a new month.
With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away,
And Christmas a few weeks after that,
Children are excited,
Adults are stressed,
But all in all, it's a wonderful feeling,
Of the anticipation of the long-awaited holidays.