Oct 10
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The Time is Now

Dear US Senate,

I would just like to say that if we don’t stop climate change now, we will be beyond help in approximately twelve years. So in your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to live with an ever heating world that they know you could have stopped but didn’t because you were too focused on getting paid and driving from one place to another. You may say that it is the duty of the children of our time to solve this crisis, so why don’t you listen to us when we tell you that our life on this planet is coming to an end? Why don’t you listen when we tell you that we will only be here for another 1,000 years? Why don’t you listen when we say paying the oil companies as much as we do is killing us and all other life on this planet? Why don’t you listen when we say if we don’t turn this around, we are dead? Please, I am begging you, don’t let us get beyond help. Don’t let us drown in the smog and smoke of years and years of sorrow that is only getting worse. Don’t let our planet die.

Thank you,

Finley Torrens-Martin

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