Oct 10
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The Village

Once upon a time, there was a village. Now, listen very carefully, because this village was the most magical and mysterious place on earth. A very long time ago, a seemingly ordinary boy was born, and his name was Damian. Throughout his childhood, he acted just like any ordinary child acts. He never refused candy or pizza, he liked to run around and play pretend with his friends, and he didn’t have the sharpest grammar in the shed. But as Damian grew and became older, and grew out of his childhood, people started to notice that Damian wasn’t being himself anymore. One night, his parents fears were confirmed when his mom peered into his room and saw him working his magic, and she was dumbstruck by what she saw. His parents became fearful of him, and decided to send him to a village on an island for kids with special abilities that is run by adults who understand kids like him. What his parents didn’t understand is that Damian had the power of the universe, and that he could make anything in the universe appear in his hands, which was an extremely powerful and dangerous thing to possess, especially around other people, specifically around ordinary people. The majority of the people that knew Damian found out that he really wasn’t ordinary after all. When he arrived at the island, he was greeted by the owner, Zane. Damian examined Zane and made an assumption that he had been in a lot of battles, due to his horrifically scarred face. Zane told Damian that he would be comforted and treated as a normal person is, because everyone here is alike, and that he was really going to like it. Time passed, and Damian became used to the village, and his power grew stronger, and harder to control. But Zane taught Damian how to control his power, and to only use it against someone when necessary. Damian started to wonder more about how he got his powers. But what bothered him most was what the story behind Zane was. 

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