Oct 11

Bare Feet

Bare Feet

By: Dylan Koval

A coin from a rich man,
A successful man, flutters into my jar.
A man with rich parents, and wealthy uncles.

I served in the war. 
Almost lost the sizzling spark of life.
I came home a hero, but bound to a wheelchair.
Impaired, I lost everything. 
No home. No family. 

I am an egg.
The world; a giant wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

No matter how hard I try, 
No matter how badly I believe, 
I am stuck.  
Stuck within myself.
With no family,
A vulture for love, trapped within a cloud
Of poverty.

I sit.
Alone, with nothing,
All while these self indulging businessmen
With rich homes 
And pretty wives
Bask in a life of luxury.

They are beautiful birds.
Soaring through the airs of success,
Born into a world of wealth, everything handed
To them on a silver platter.

“Why me,” I whisper to myself, 
Alone in this dark alley, 
With only the patter of rain for company. 
“Patter Patter,” 
The rain sings as I drift off to sleep.

These are the shoes of the homeless man
Empty husks of broken dreams
Littered with tiny wisps of hope.
Bare feet, without shoes for their home.
A man, all alone.

About the Author: dakoval
Dylan Koval
Author has not loved anything.